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Classification of grinding wheel

Wheel variety.

According to the abrasive can be divided into ordinary abrasive (such as aluminaand silicon carbide) grinding wheel and abrasive superhard Abrasives (diamond and cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheel;

Shapes can be divided into flat grinding wheels, the bevel wheel, cylindrical wheel,such as Cup wheel and disc wheel; can be classified by bond Ceramic grinding wheels, resin wheels, rubber wheel, metal wheels, and so on. Main characteristic parameters of grinding wheel are abrasive, grain size, shape, size, hardness, adhesion agent.

Due to the grinding wheels are usually working at high speed, so before using theRotary test (guarantee wheel at maximum operating speeds, not crack) and staticbalance test (prevention of machine vibration caused by work). Wheels at work after a period of time, repair should be carried out in order to restore the geometryof the grinding performance and correct.